I was so impressed with Eva’s & Michael’s ability & knowledge. They have such a gentle, loving manner of teaching & sharing. I liked the prayers, the angel information, the angel readings and psychometry. I gained great confidence and confirmation of my abilities. Thank you.
Beth S.

I loved it. It has helped me visualize and feel more comfortable in meditation. I enjoyed the energy work and working with the power of the crystals. Awesome!! 
Gwen B.

Very informative. I learned new ways to connect with the angels & archangels. I enjoyed practicing the techniques with the other attendees. Michael added lots of insight and information regarding energy and shortcuts to healing he has learned.
Kate G.

I enjoyed learning to give angel-readings myself and loved the wonderful meditations. Eva-Maria is a great teacher and channeler. I felt very safe and appreciate the helpful suggestions for my healing work.
Gisela A.

Becoming familiar & comfortable with working with the angels was great. I am most impressed with how quickly the angels are able to work. I like the meditations and working with the crystals. I like the comfortable and safe feeling in the class. All the cleansing information was very helpful.
Lauren F.

Thank you for your gentle & fun guidance, giving your wonderful connectedness. Please make the CD´s – your meditations are inspirational and healing.
Cora H.

I was so important learning how to clean, balance & protect myself. Learning when to turn my gifts on & off as well as how to decipher which channels to use or not. Learning how to respect myself and that what I am doing is very important not only for others but also for myself, as that is where it all starts. I feel like a child with the whole world open to me, so give I have choices now to choose what is best for me. All I can say is give me more, more, more. Please!!!
Annette C.

My most positive impression was defining my own ability for success. Releasing negative energy, clearing a path for the future. Connecting with my God-power is extremely powerful. Seeing and experiencing myself as a conduit and channel for healing was great.
Sara M. S.

I was helped in many ways. I feel much more comfortable with myself and being myself around other people. Thank you. 
Cheryl S.