Native Wisdom Academy

BearHawk about his NWA

Why I created the Native Wisdom Academy:


My name is BearHawk, I saw a need for people to finally get free of dysfunctional energies and rules of this world. From my point of view, these rules and energies never served their needs for love and freedom. But keep them emotional slaves of fear and pain, to a system they were taught to trust in.

Such as: “If you eat everything on your plate then the sun will come out tomorrow”. I think you get my point here.

I wanted the training to be as simple as possible, but at the same time exciting, fun and powerful so that a new member with no training could quickly get free and be able to be initiated in the world (or universe) of COSMIC ENERGY.

Because in this world (or universe) you are free of shame and blame.

In the world of COSMIC ENERGY, magic, love and freedom are a way of life.

Now the system wants you to believe, that peace and happiness comes from tricking and controlling others into doing what you want or behaving the way you want.

That if you get really good at controlling others, then you will feel safe by being in control.

But from my point of view, if you play this game, this is a game you cannot win.

I use a simple but powerful formula for freedom.

A + B = C

A being thoughts

B being feeling

C being actions

If your thoughts and feelings do not match, you will create an emotional stressor. This stressor will in time create mind loops of pain, fear and so on.

So in the training I show you, how to get A and B to match.

Also in reality the only things you can really control in this world is your thoughts and feelings. If you master these, you will be the master and not the slave of your life.

Now if you feel this is a path you would like to follow, I would be honored to show you the way.

With much love, BearHawk