We are blessed and fortunate to be able to support various charities in the USA and Europe. It fills our heart with gratitude to give back to the Native community and support many Native American artists and the following charities: Children of the Light , a charity organization founded by Eva-Maria Mora in Germany supporting children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity) While writing her book Quantum Angel Children (2008) she received the divine assignment to organize the children of the light conferences. This first conference took place in 2010, the second international conference took place in July, 2012. It was a very special, love filled event in Frankfurt, Germany. All speakers, artists and helpers were volunteers.

The proceeds of this conference was used a 100% to support children´s projects. The intention is to give children a platform were they can express their ideas and show parents alternatives of how to raise their children, without medication, psychiatric hospitals etc. The charity and the conference provides a platform, so children can be heard, understood and supported. The children of the light are here to change this world for the better, if we let them. The current Events are listed on:

A thousand thanks to our clients and participants who support our work.

Gabriel’s Angels is named, in part for the Founding Dog, Gabriel. The children we serve, our volunteers and our supporters are our Angels.
Gabriel’s Angels serves 15,200 abused, neglected and at-risk children in Arizona through the application of innovative pet therapy. The program’s goal is to increase the overall sense of well-being and happiness for children in a safe environment and to build critical core behaviors, such as trust, empathy, respect, tolerance and self-esteem.

The Arizona Sunshine Angels work in concert with Sunshine Residential Group Homes, Garden House Group Homes, A Blessed Nest Group Home and Sacred Journey Group Homes around the Valley of the Sun, to provide foster kids with additional support, care and love to help them in their young life. These kids are rescued by the Department of Child Safety (DCS) and placed in their foster group homes until a more permanent solution can be found for them. They were removed from family, friends and life as they know it, for their own protection. In spite of abuse, neglect or abandonment, these remarkable children are still able to face each day with hope.
These residential homes are among the many group home agencies providing foster care for children, through a clean, safe and structured environment.

Montessori school Phoenix
Desert Garden Montessori’s mission is to create an environment for children in which they are encouraged to explore, create, learn, socialize, and celebrate their unique talents. The school is committed to developing within each child a sense of responsibility and interdependence with their community and the world. Accordingly, Desert Garden’s philosophy encourages children to appreciate and respect nature and the environment. Like the flowers in a garden, the children will learn and grow together in peaceful coexistence. Thus, the name “Desert Garden Montessori”.

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