Eva-Maria Mora is a clairvoyant, clairaudient medical intuitive and spiritual teacher with an MBA, holding a degree in psychotherapy as well as being a State Certified Healing Practitioner. After surviving several near-death experiences, she left the corporate world in Europe to fulfill her life’s mission which includes personal coaching and founding an international training academy for new energy medicine. Offering workshops as well as online programs, the academy features multi-level training in her two powerful healing methods and spiritual brands: Quantum Angel Healing® and Cosmic Recoding®. Also, a bestselling author of seven books & CDs (published by Random House Europe in many languages), she has been a regular speaker at the largest spiritual conference in Europe and has been featured in TV and radio shows around the globe.

Eva-Maria’s #1 bestseller on Amazon, Cosmic Recoding, offers a fast and powerful way to resolve universal life and health issues through the recoding of stored information on a cellular level. And her book, Medium between heaven and earth, (also an Amazon #1 bestseller) has inspired thousands of people to safely practice their intuitive gifts while living as a sensitive, gifted person in today´s challenging world. Her latest book “Your path of initiation” was published 2020 in Europe. The author describes life crises and major challenges as opportunities for healing and spiritual growth. She describes the initiation paths of young adepts in the mystery schools in ancient Egypt and Lemuria, always relating to the lessons and hardships that everybody has to face – sooner or later. Many exercises prepare the reader to master the path of life, in a world of suffering through a pandemic, devastating climate changes and other initiations.

Teaching worldwide, both online and in-person, Eva-Maria Mora has certified and encouraged countless individuals to be successful in their own healing and coaching practices. Her assignment is to remind students who they really are, how to awaken their true divine potential by showing them how to experience healing with spirit; and how to be the power of love by utilizing the power of their own soul. Her mission also supports self-empowerment for women, children and minorities; and she is the founder of a European charity for gifted “children of the light” who are struggling with ADHD. Together with her husband Michael BearHawk, the couple has founded the “Native Wisdom Academy”, securing and supporting native wisdom of indigenous people around the globe.