Book & CD In German

Divine Power is available to everybody, it is the power of our soul. After eons of being disconnected from the spiritual portion of our DNA many of us are waking up and are longing to experience who we truly are.
The high energetic vibration of the new earth has an impact on activating our dormant DNA lightcodes in our 12 strand DNA, and the layers of interdimensional energy that surround them.
Eva-Maria has written a book about Activating your divine power and developed a special webinar series in conjunction with private QA-Healing treatments, to guide you through this important process of awareness and transformation.
With the activated Divine Power in your 12 Strand DNA you have access to inlimited information. Eva-Maria calls this access to the “Spiritual Internet” which includes the archives of the Akashic Records as well as the Divine Matrix of every life form and the Quantum Field of unlimited possibilities which is independend from time and space.

Book & CD In German

Clients who activated their Divine power have

  • A deep connection to the energy of love, to God.
  • The ability to receiving messages and spiritual guidance.
  • The ability to transform their health.
  • To transform their relationship and finances.
  • Increase their life force energy.
  • Manifest their heart desires.
  • Become a master of their life.
  • Transcend the physical.

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